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About EA Kazi

E.A Kazi will be the African version of freelancer.com and fiverr.com only better as it will be working on blockchain technology transparency and smart contract automation. It will also have smart contract enabled blockchain payment integrated into its payment option enabling payments easily with local currencies as an option. The solution will empower and enrich all trainers with royalty rewards on each secured contract by the certified trainees. With this system, the training is provided for free in exchange for a lifetime cumulative benefit.

EA Kazi Simplified


EA Kazi facilitates an environment for trainers to provide training and provide NFT based certificates and get paid for life.


EA Kazi enables interested trainees to sign-up, get trained for free with guaranteed equal access to jobs after getting trained for free


The certified Trainees are then promoted to the level of Freelancers to gain access to jobs to bid on and get paid with percentage deductions made to trainers.


Recruiters gain access to certified and experienced techies to engage on short-term and long-term contracts for a price.

Security and software credibility is ensured by working with experienced and certified developers. WE pride ourselves in providing them for you.

Our platform only lists certified developers with verifiable credentials visible from their blockchain wallets. Their trainers are also liable for the activities of each trained freelancer. So, working with a freelancer also means you have the support of the trainer (institute).

Why Work With Us?


  • To promote teamwork, a company (an existing tech hub) is entitled to be a trainer
  • The tech hub is allowed to use its developers instead of scouting for illegitimate developers
  • The trainer/company is entitled to 2.5% of their trainee’s earnings and gets paid for the milestone the individual attains.
  • The opportunity of empowering yet earning is available


  • Ability to learn courses freely and pay when employed
  • Flexible course duration; 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, etc
  • An NFT-based certificate is awarded.
  • Swift and easy transitioning into being a Web2 and Web3 developer
  • Freelance or contract jobs are available to support the training

Care to join us in building a sustainable web3 ecosystem for Africa's digital transformation?

While EA Kazi is actively being developed, to be released in June 2023, we will like you to keep updated on all developments. We invite you to join the waiting list.