What we are about.

On average, Freelancers do complain about the basic lack in the transition from full employment and working as freelancers:

1. Affordable Healthcare

2. Making enough money

3. Retirement funds

4. Being paid fairly

5. School loan debt

6. Job referral bounties/bonuses to boost available jobs.

Asides from the current solutions we are proving, we intend to address these above mentioned in our future releases.

The current problems we are addressing can be summarized as:

1. New Freelancers find it difficult to secure jobs as employers look for prior experience and reviews and not certifications to award contracts.

2. This is coupled with the fact that milestones are sometimes released and lost without the jobs being completed and almost nothing can be done about it.

3. Freelancers sometimes tend to have multiple accounts with different names to bid on multiple and the same projects without any repercussions. This is a huge setback on the centralized system as equal distribution of opportunity isn’t possible.

4. The system rewards trainers once and sometimes not at all as free training is given with no incentive in place

Our Vision

Our vision is not only to create a trusted foundation but to become a go-to place for certified developers by recruiters and companies looking to build exotic and simple transformative solutions.

EA Kazi is about Building the foundation for web3 adoption in africa.
Adedayo Adebajo, Founder

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